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Slayer of Stupid, Incompetent and Disappointing Minions

May 19, 2011

Wednesday night, all of our poking at Maloriak came to a joyous end culminating in the BEST TITLE EVER.

How We Rolled
For Maloriak, we went with 7 healers (two holy pallies, two resto shammies, a disc priest, a holy priest, and a resto druid), three tanks (blood DK, prot pally, and prot warrior), and 15 DPS (6 melee, 9 ranged).

Break It Down Now
Our main tank for Maloriak during phase 1 was the DK, with the druid(me!) and a holy pally focusing on his heals. Between his self healing and my HoTs, it was relatively easy to bounce him back up in the three second windows between Engulfing Darknesses during the Black Phase. Cooldowns are required during the time that the MT is unhealable, regardless of class. We just found that our DK worked out better healing wise. Our other two tanks were responsible for tanking the Aberrations.

On Red Phase, we turned Maloriak to face the south wall and stacked up in front of him. Consuming Flames targets ran through Maloriak to stand at his ass, allowing for adjustments to his position as needed without worrying about wiping the raid.

During Blue Phase, we made sure that everyone was spread out to mitigate the damage during that phase of the fight. Our melee were clumped in groups of two on his right, left, and ass to control the number of targets with Biting Chill and the Flash Freeze targets were only broken out once the call was made by a healer.

Green Phase was business as usual.

Once we were moving into Phase 2, we had our warrior taunt Maloriak as he’s most intimately familiar with Magma Jet placement. Raid healing is intense during this phase and the frost bombs are lethal, but we kept everyone up for as long as we could and got the kill.

Tank Healing Black Phase
During the Black Phase, I was pretty much the primary tank healer. Although unhealable for a good chunk of the phase, I kept Lifebloom rolling throughout and often had a Rejuv going. With Maloriak as my focus, I could see when he was channeling or casting Engulfing Darkness and coupled that with the DBM timers. At about 1.5 seconds left on the channel, I’d start to cast Regrowth, followed immediately by Healing Touch and sometimes Swiftmend in a pinch. With my holy pally partner also keeping an eye out, we were able to get him back up to full with very little trouble. And between his CDs and the healer CDs, we had rounds of Engulfing Darkness where his health never moved. It was pretty awesome.

Up Next
Our next target is Atramedes. We’ve already taken a few pokes at him, winging it as we did so, and we’re hammering out a cohesive strategy for when we return to BWD on Sunday night.

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