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Wonder Twins Take Two

June 7, 2011

On Wednesday, we started working on heroic Valiona and Theralion. And by working on it, I mean spent the whole night with them as our focus, as opposed to popping in to take a look toward the end of raid. We got close on Wednesday, but didn’t manage a kill before our weekend break.

Sunday night, we walked in short a couple of main raiders, adjusted our strategy a little bit to accommodate the newer folks in the raid (one main raider who was missing on Wednesday and two casual raiders who are around for just such emergencies). And then, we threw ourselves at the fight repeatedly to try and get it down.

How We Roll
For this fight, we had 2 tanks, 7 healers, and 16 DPS. Of our DPS, we had two Subtlety Rogues who spent most of their time in the Twilight Zone, with a Fire Mage and a Ret Paladin for occasional assistance. Their healer was one of our two Holy Paladins, who switched off the responsibility when things like Engulfing Magic and Twilight Meteor kept one from popping down. The other Holy Paladin and our Disc Priest make tank healing their priority, and the Holy Priest, Resto Shamans, and Resto Druid (Me!) just kind of went FFA on the raid healing.

For the first four Blackouts, we had the raid stack up to spread out the damage when it dispelled. Raid cooldowns were planned out for this in order to alleviate some of the damage. After that, we started sacrificing our raiders to the RNG god in the name of a kill. Fortunately, Paladins can bubble it off and Mages can Iceblock out of it. We were wandering all over the place trying to avoid Twilight Blast during Valiona’s ground phase, and some of us got really good at dodging Devouring Flames when she faced us.

We utilized Dazzling Destruction and the Twilight Shift to send folks down to the Twilight Zone to kill adds. Our rogues went down on the third Dazzling, and when our tanks shifted, we had the Mage and the two Paladins drop down as well.

During Theralion’s ground phase, we kept the melee stacked on his tail while the ranged and healers spread out, keeping in mind the Rifts around the room. Twilight Meteor was run into the melee group while Engulfing Magic was run to the stairs on the east and west sides of the room. We did everything in our power to keep Fabulous Flames from getting dropped on a rift, though we weren’t always successful. Deep Breath was, of course, called out (Far, Middle, Door) for the benefit of the folks in the Twilight Zone who can’t see where Valiona is and die when they stand in the breath (as opposed to everyone else who gets dumped into the Twilight Zone if they survive the first tick).

Once we worked out the dance that we needed to perform, everything went smoothly. True to form, we took a break and killed them on the first attempt after the break.

Druid CDs
During the fight, I relied heavily on my CDs. As usual, I pop my first Innervate sub 80% mana, and then on CD after that. I use Tree Form after the first Blackout stack and Tranquility after the second Devouring Flames to help mitigate the raid damage. Barkskin is used as needed.

Other Assorted Stuff
I’ve been given permission by my healing lead to go Balance on the normal mode fights that we’re clearing just to clear. Balance is fun! I’m working on picking up my Balance tier now so that I can play, but I don’t expect to be swapping specs often. I can’t match the output of our old Balance Druid, of course, but I also don’t have her gear (or set bonuses). I’ll get there, though!

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