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The Huntsman and the Spider

July 6, 2011

After a nice break from raiding in the form of my convention vacation, I came back to the raiding scene ready to face Firelands head-on last Tuesday, despite the raid leader’s decision to skip raid on Tuesday for the sake of server stability. It’s a pre-patch plan that allows for the inevitable hiccups to happen without ruining out raid night. Unfortunately for us, the servers were pretty damn stable on Tuesday and we probably could have raided.

After spending time discussing strategies and tweaking our approach to the fight multiple times on Wednesday, we came in fresh on Sunday and had Shannox down in short order. The strategy that we settled on involves focusing down Rageface and healing the everloving hell out of the tank with Shannox. For us, it works out well enough, and relieves some of the stress of having to deal with Facerage during the encounter. Of course, sub 30%, we tell the DPS where to shove it and focus all healing on said tank, relying on CDs and occasional raid healing to keep the raid up until he dies.

Some of our raid group went in on 10 man on Monday night for a little extra homework to help us sort out the issues we were having with Beth’tilac. And the sorting out seemed to work as last night, we took her down in three attempts, with no deaths on the kill. Some of our biggest issues on this fight have been balancing the DPS on the spiderlings, drones, and up top during phase 1, taunting the spinners before they nuke the raid, and keeping the web tank up up top until a healer can get up to him. We’ve sorted out most of the issues, thankfully, and it lead to a clean kill.

Now… we look forward to some Nascar racing work on Lord Rhyolith.

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